THe Urban cocoon

Aromatherapy Massage


It is suitable for both men and women


45 min


€ 40.-


A treatment combining the benefits of aromatherapy with massage. Organic essential oils are selected based on your current needs. Aromatherapy is a widely practiced technique believed to evoke various feelings and emotions to help with fatigue, stress, anxiety, and even mood. The scents are chosen by the massage therapist according to the client’s needs.
The aromatherapy oils can be: Energetic, Relaxing, Reducing stress, Rejuvenating and Soothing

Physical benefits:

This treatment will activate your vital energy and balance your metabolism, bringing you a liberating feeling.

Psychological benefits:

This massage provides, depending on the essential oils used, relaxation, toning, relief, immune protection, pleasure, and more.

“All massages are accompanied by an energy balancing treatment for an even greater sense of tranquility!”