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Ayurvedic Massage for Children


It is suitable for girls and boys aged 1 to 12 years old.


30 min


€ 25.-


Yes, our children are just as susceptible to stress as adults; they are also as responsive as we are to the benefits of massages! Some children are restless, even hyperactive. Some are particularly stressed or may exhibit aggression. The massage we offer is a gentle massage, specifically tailored and performed by an experienced therapist.

Physical benefits:

This massage does not claim to treat any specific disorder but aims to help the child find a sense of serenity. It is performed for a duration of 30 to 50 minutes, with the presence of a parent.

Indeed, my experience as a mother has shown me the significant interest that children can have in massage, as well as the necessity of introducing them to a world that our culture often reserves for “working adults.”

Psychological benefits:

Just like games or sports, massages promote relaxation for our little ones; they allow them to express themselves and help them release the blockages that inevitably arise in this journey called Life!

“All massages are accompanied by an energy balancing treatment for an even greater sense of tranquility!”