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Ayurvedic Abhyanga Massage


It is suitable for both men and women


60 min


€ 50.-


Ayurvedic Abhyanga Massage: Originating from India, this massage, performed with warm sesame oil, takes your senses on a journey and helps rebalance our body and its functions. It is particularly suitable for busy, stressed individuals and anyone having difficulty “unwinding”

Physical benefits:

Improvement of circulation
Muscle toning
Joint flexibility
Elimination of body impurities with effects on the skin
Increased vital energy throughout the day
Nervous system benefits, leading to better quality and deeper sleep

Psychological benefits:

Positive emotions
Improved intellectual harmony and concentration
Better stress and emotion management

Spiritual benefits:

Rediscovered harmony with nature and our inner being
Increased energy in the Chakras and openness to meditation

“All massages are accompanied by an energy balancing treatment for an even greater sense of tranquility!”