THe Urban cocoon

Candle Massage


It is suitable for both men and women


45 min


€ 40.-


Allow yourself to be enchanted by the delicate sensation of naturally warmed oil, which, like a gentle caress, will be applied to your body during the massage.
Made from beeswax and vegetable oils, the massage candles I use do not contain paraffin or parabens, and they do not burn! They are composed of a carefully balanced blend of organic vegetable oils (soybean oil and coconut butter), organic beeswax, and 100% natural essential oils, suitable for massage.
Various scents are available for you to choose from: Tropical Flowers, Lavender, Orange Blossom, Green Tea, and more.

Physical benefits:

They will also provide a smooth and warm oil that deeply nourishes your skin, restoring a toned and hydrated appearance!

Psychological benefits:

Throughout the massage, these candles will release exquisite scents, allowing your mind to escape and your body to release its tensions.

“All massages are accompanied by an energy balancing treatment for an even greater sense of tranquility!”