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Ayurvedic Face Care – Mukha Abhyanga


Girls/Women from 14 years old


45 min


€ 40.-


“Mukha” means “face” in Sanskrit. Therefore, it is a facial massage according to Ayurveda (a branch of abhyanga massage). Ayurveda considers beauty as an important criterion for health. A healthy person radiates beauty. A mind troubled by negative emotions will also reflect on the face. According to Indian tradition, the face is the mirror of the overall health of the body and is also the bridge between inner and outer beauty.

Physical benefits:

The Ayurvedic facial treatment deeply soothes emotions and thoughts. From the first session, it leads to a deeper sleep, restores serenity, beauty, and radiance to the face…your face brightens with the benefits of mental relaxation.

About massage:

This gentle and holistic treatment combines a facial with subtle massages of the feet, abdomen, and hands. The floral elixirs used are pure and natural. This treatment provides deep relaxation!

“All massages are accompanied by an energy balancing treatment for an even greater sense of tranquility!”