THe Urban cocoon

The Cocoon…Your Cocoon

The story:

The story behind the logo and the new name of my institute “The Urban Cocoon”:
 The peacock totem is generally accepted as a symbol of integrity, rejuvenation, and self-love.
 The butterfly emerging from a chrysalis is a symbol of rebirth, and a butterfly remains a symbol of metamorphosis.

“Many of us put others before ourselves all the time, forgetting about ourselves. Either it’s because we believe we are not worthy or it’s in order to gain love from others. Is this your case? Do you take the time to take care of yourself? Do you love yourself at your own value?

Today is the moment to take stock of the love and tenderness you have for yourself and thus adjust or establish moments of gentleness for yourself, a gift from you to you, in your daily life. It is essential not to forget yourself, to think of yourself – to love yourself and take care of yourself. It is necessary to stop living in the fear of judgment from others, of judging yourself, feeling guilty, and self-criticizing. This is not a selfish act!

Absolutely! Taking care of ourselves, our inner self, is the key to being able to help others. The transition starts from within and then radiates outward. Everything that is experienced internally reflects on the outside. Only a happy person can bring happiness to those around them. When we prioritize self-care and cultivate our inner well-being, we become better equipped to positively impact the world and spread joy and positivity to others. Remember, a little self-love goes a long way in making the world a better place.

Be the change you wish to see in the world and become the best version of yourself, transforming from a caterpillar to a butterfly! Take care of every cell of your body, your soul… it is immortal!

Choose yourself, as no one else will do it for you!

Allow yourself a moment of well-being in our warm cocoon and let your mind soar towards a bright rebirth!”

– Namaste नमस्ते ~ Eva Lumiylenà ॐ